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Project Ideas

Project 1 – The Collaborative Book

Teachers or students invite others to contribute directly into their book.

Project 2 – The Family Book or Community Service

How to Add a Project

This video demonstrates how to add a project in a teacher account.

eBookform - how to add a project video

Assign Projects in Classroom

This video demonstrates how to assign a project using Google Classroom.

eBookform integration with Google Classroom

Teacher Experience:
Dr Monita Leavitt, San Jose, USA

Bookform on Channel 7

TV coverage Sep 2018

Bookform on Channel 7

TV coverage Nov 2018

Project Examples

Case Studies

How It Works

Getting started video

1. Getting Started

Follow prompts to speak or type stories & upload photos. All content collated into a digital book with front cover, contents & chapters.

how touse the voice to text feature video

2. Voice To Text

Speak stories, any language, directly into your book. Save audio files, share digital book online & print-on-demand.

Contributor video

3. Inviting Contributors

Invite others to contribute content directly into your book. All content is private and can be edited or deleted.

Online resource for Family Projects

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