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Ivan Liu

Hello, I have experienced a lot of things during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

All through the pandemic, everyone had to be part of online lessons. I also had online drawing classes and had chores to do, to wash the dishes, and vacuum the house the subsequent week. Today, Australia has approximately 6 500 infected people. Due to the fact I had to stay domestic, my parents always shop for food and especially toilet paper. Thankfully, I've got my own laptop to play on in my free time. In the Easter vacation, Dad, Evan and I ran 3km regularly almost everyday around Todd Park. Over there, many parts of it was closed due to the fact we have to stay at least 1.5 metres away, Also there was way too many people exercising. The differences I found there was just cars, nobody really leaves their homes. Other than that, we play table tennis on our dining table every day. When term 2 came in, I realised that the easter holidays ended so suddenly.

COVID-19 continues to be diagnosing hundreds or even hundreds of thousands, it is secure to just stay at home, study and distract your self with new matters.