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My name is Bahia Malas and I am 7B's English teacher and co-leading this Project-Based Learning (PBL) enrichment project. This COVID-19 collaborative book is the first out of a three-phase PBL project that my colleague, Kerry-Anne Faria and me, are implementing with two Year 7 enrichment classes (one class, 7B, presented here). Our students embraced the challenge of writing reflectively and personally about a serious issue that is affecting them during their first year of high school. They expressed their appreciation and understanding of the uniqueness of this COVID-19 project. Our aim with this project was to develop students' future-focused skills including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking under the topic of Identity. Moreover, students' literacy skills are also developed not only with writing and editing but with using ICT as well. I am very proud of the sincere, authentic and meaningful experiences that these 12 year olds have shared with us. The students hope that others will benefit from this primary source by seeing what it is like living and surviving a very deadly global pandemic. The overall project was made more accessible through this Bookform technology. I would also like to thank our school’s senior executive team who supported us in piloting this project at BHS.