Yr 5-6 STEAM Project

Yr 5-6 STEAM Project

28 May 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Maria Regina Catholic Primary School in Avalon, Sydney completed a FamilyBookform STEAM Project.

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Maria Regina Catholic Primary School has been invited to lead in Australia by pioneering a case study research project on the implementation of STEAM-based learning in primary schools. Our new STEAM/Arts Educator, Dr Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen collaborated with Director of FamilyBookform.com, Carey Furze, to capture the children's socio-emotional intelligence in an e-publication. Carey is responsible for developing the world’s-first technology on socio-emotional intelligence being piloted in Australia, Singapore, India & the US. The program aims to give teachers greater autonomy to try new learning programs and initiatives in their teaching practice. 

Dr Wade brings with her academic expertise and 30+ years of teaching experience across primary, high school, and tertiary education. Her PhD research investigates creativity and innovation and explores how Art & Design are core to an integrated STEAM education approach. She found the main difference between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and STEAM education is STEM explicitly focuses on scientific concepts thereby not recognising students with more of an Arts tendency.

STEAM investigates the same scientific concepts but does this through inquiry and problem-based learning methods. Dr Wade says, "...teaching STEAM means that children are learning how to interpret and communicate important scientific concepts while building their 21st century capacities. Working through STEAM/Arts education at Maria Regina Catholic School, the children are learning how to use some of the latest technological approaches to learning including fostering their socio-emotional intelligence". For further information about STEAM Ahead Australia.

Carey says, "FamilyBookform projects are not just about collecting content but focuses on facilitating the learning process of students to develop key 21st century skills". In this project, the Year 5 and Year 6 students created content for their Mother’s Day Project over a period of five workshops. Firstly, the students learnt how to draw a portrait of the face using a mirror. Once the students became familiar with the proportions of the face, they imagined what their mother’s face looked like and expressed these details using watercolours and chalk. A week later, the students photographed their paintings and manipulated these into portraits of their Mother. Carey Furze kindly visited the school on two consecutive Wednesdays to instruct students in how to access Bookform, sign into their account and manipulate the content.  

FamilyBookform Projects scaffold students to engage with family, peers & community, using technology as a tool to develop connections & produce a polished end product they are proud to present & families treasure.

Bookform projects are not just about the content, but about facilitating the process of students communicating, connecting & developing 21st century skills.
The Collaborative Book - A student/teacher collects content from many people. For example, the STEAM Mother’s Day Project or the 'Favourite Recipe Book' a collection of student's favourite family recipes & stories, automatically collated into a printable digital book.

The Family Book or Memoir - A student collects life stories from their family, using Voice-to-text & collaboration to automatically create a print & digital book. Stories can be shared in the classroom for curriculum objectives, eg English, History, ICT and peer bonding. Developing vital communication, identity & EQ skills. 'My Grandad's Life'

The Community Service - Students help People in their community to create their memoir or save cultural oral histories. Books can be included in higher education applications/portfolios, gifted or sold. 'Write of Passage Project'
Bookform is world-first technology developed in Sydney and being piloted in Australia, Singapore, India & the US, to generate education case-studies and research for conferences and industry thought leadership.

Maria Regina primary school is a pioneer in implementing STEAM projects and a leading example in giving teachers autonomy to try new programs & initiatives. 

More information at www.familybookform.com


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