Writing tool for transformational learning

Writing tool for transformational learning

17 December 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Schools are leading the evolution of writing and publishing tools, and one is a ‘dynamic page’ to easily write, create and collect primary source content into printable digital books of value for authentic audiences.

As youth literacy declines and methods of rote learning and standardised testing undergo huge transformation, some students are leaping forward in their literacy and communication skills using this dynamic page.

Instead of writing onto the traditional blank page, students use the scaffolding and differentiation of template prompts, speech-to-text (in any language) and collaboration, enabling a multidimensional collation of valuable content into automatically formatted published books.

Students present their collected content for lesson enrichment, by sharing audio files of real stories, photos and text, for collaborative editing, peer bonding and as examples for explicit teaching. This story-sharing creates an environment of engagement and trust, developing student’s communication, empathy and Social Emotional skills.

The process of collaboratively creating and collecting content is a game-changer for student’s literacy and learning, because they generate the hormone oxytocin, literally changing their brains from disengaged and disruptive teenagers into interested and productive members of society. 

Student’s books are more than just writing projects, they are personal, original and valuable to an authentic audience, ensuring teachers, families and whole communities are motivating their students to complete polished end products they are proud to present and that will be treasured forever.

Students have agency, differentiated means and emotional connections to their imaginative, informative and persuasive writing projects - leading to transformational learning. Books can be graded, included in portfolios and higher education application, gifted or sold.

Example projects:

English Biography - Students interview one or many people about their life to create personalised memoirs to enrich English, History, Social Studies and more: Community Memoirs, Grandpa’s Memoir.

History Research - Teachers or students automatically collect their community’s experiences and perspectives of a global pandemic into ‘primary source’ personalised historical records: COVID-19 & Me

STEAM - Use technology as a tool to collect favourite recipes, poems, or hero stories into polished books for cultural celebration: Favourite Recipes, Mother’s Day Poems

Digital books online for 1 year and include template pages with question prompts, 2 hours of speech-to-text, 200 people can contribute to each book, download audio & PDF to print.

More information: https://familybookform.com

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together