Student Digital Workbooks

Student Digital Workbooks

8 June 2022 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Name change: eBookform from FamilyBookform.

Students follow prompts to document any learning, photos, and collaboration into automatically formatted branded published books as proof-of-learning and micro-credentials.

The process develops literacy, SEL, and 21st century digital skills. Student content enriches class lessons and ensures engagement.

Books are primary-source proof of learning and generate education engagement/progress data, marketing collateral, and revenue from book sales, sponsors, and industry partners.

$10 Digital Workbook includes:

  • Template pages and question prompts,
  • Speech-to-text in many languages,
  • Up to 100 contributors to each book of 300 pages,
  • Collate all content into automatically formatted digital books,
  • Digital books online for 1 year, view in any language,
  • Save audio files and PDF to print on demand,
  • Dashboard includes explainer videos, writing tips, and help,
  • Schools/sponsors brand all digital books and unlimited printed books,
  • School admin dashboard to view books & engagement data,
  • Allocate book licences to staff or students,
  • Training and IT support available.


  • Automates tedious processes:
    School admin buy Workbook licences and assign link to students,
    Students journal, interview others, and autonomously collect content over 1 year into their books.
  • Personalisation: students journal their work, analyse and reflect on their progress, and include books in portfolios as proof of learning.
  • Differentiation: students type or speak into their page, in any language, and automatically transcribe and translate it into their books.
  • Collaboration: students automatically collect content and evidence from invited others directly into their books.
  • Data: Generate student engagement and work progress data for reporting.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard, includes explainer videos, writing tips, lesson plans, and IT support.
  • Books have longevity and are professional, branded collateral to showcase students' work, school initiatives, sponsors & business partners.
  • Books are a competitive advantage in University and College applications.
  • Generate business sponsors and positive marketing content for social media, mainstream media, and PR.
  • Print books for presentation ceremonies and community engagement.
  • Monthly 'Best Book' competition with cash and technology prizes incentivises students to complete books to a high standard.
  • Generates new literacy and digital skills research and engagement data for education thought-leadership and conferences.
  • Workbooks are available on any device with WiFi, integrated with Google Classroom, and comply with privacy and data storage requirements.


Community Books: Biographies & Oral histories. Students interview family or community elders to create biographies and oral histories as educational projects and community service. 5 min TV video.

Collaborative Class Books: Aboriginal Ranger STEM virtual excursions. Students interact with Rangers and document learning into collaborative class books as proof-of-learning. Students' content enriches lessons and books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold. Digital and printed books showcase Aboriginal Rangers and Indigenous communities as valuable, productive citizens. Books generate marketing content & revenue. Recordings are available on demand.

Qualitative Research: Primary-source content.

  • Teachers collect students' content into personalised collaborative class books, or
  • Students collect and showcase precious primary-source inquiry learning or research information into books of value for themselves and their communities.

Monthly Best Book Competition: Cash and technology prizes. Harvey Norman has donated laptop prizes to the monthly 'Best Book' competition for the last several years. Sponsors & industry partners share marketing articles on their social media and generate mainstream press for all stakeholders. Prizes motivate students to engage with learning and develop literacy, digital skills, and pride in their work.

Teachers sign up free and access 1 FREE demo book to try all the functionality students use to create their books.

Start today:

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together