Save India: Summer projects Grades 6-12

Save India: Summer projects Grades 6-12

22 April 2021 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Students collect precious voices, stories & photos into published books to save disappearing culture, language & community during Covid, as school projects over summer.

The FamilyBookform dashboard scaffolds & documents student’s inquiry learning; they interview themselves or others, using question prompts, speech-to-text (any language), & collect valuable cultural content into published books, developing 21st century skills, empathy & Social Emotional Intelligence. 

Students have agency & emotional connection to content, generating oxytocin & an interest in learning, their content enriches lessons and books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold to families.

Fun Activities:

Students use technology-as-a-tool to scaffold STEAM/PBL pedagogy and interview themselves or others to collect original content into published digital books. 

Template questions guide and speech-to-text captures oral stories & information in any language. 

Invited others contribute text and photos directly into the book. 

Students edit, critically analyse & reflect on the content, for imaginative essays, research reports or major writing projects.

Engage & Motivate:

Students have agency to achieve personalised & differentiated learning & present their collected audio files and text online for fun story-sharing and collaborative editing activities. 

Develops 21st century skills, communication, empathy & wellbeing. 

Strengthens peer, family & community relationships.

Students are engaged & their content enriches lessons.

Present & Share:

Students are proud to present their published books to family & community at celebration ceremonies. 

Books can be graded, included in portfolios & higher education applications, gifted or printed and sold for fundraising.


Teachers easily assign through Google Classroom to a whole class or year group or send the unique link via email. 

Available on Chromebooks & any device.

Example projects:

Covid-19 & Me: Teachers collect student's content into class books OR Students collaborate with their families to create personlaised books of value to gift or sell.

Family Recipe Book: Celebrate diversity, create class books or students create their own family's personalised recipe books.

Journals or Biographies: Students document their own lives or interview others to create Memoirs or biographies.

Resources: Lesson plans, explainer videos, case studies and testimonials:

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together