Nov 21 Book Winner

Nov 21 Book Winner

7 December 2021 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Year 7 student wins the November Best Book Competition

1 min student thank you video

Adam created his family’s biography book as a part of the Champagnat Boys College English life writing unit.

His book was over 100 pages and he was awarded a Chromebook by Harvey Norman and the best 5 students’ books were printed by the school and presented at a special assembly.

Adam said, "I'm going to give the Harvey Norman Chromebook prize to my Grandma for Christmas, she's going to love it!"

“This was the perfect project to complete during the Sydney lockdown,” said KLA English Coordinator Monica Jarman.

Students worked autonomously at home to interview family members of their choice about childhoods, careers, and life, and all content was automatically collected into their digital books, with front covers, contents and chapters.

Students could share interview audio files and book content to enrich online lessons, generate fun discussions and edit their writing.

Some followed the eBookform’s question prompts and others created their own questions as they went. 

Students could use the speech-to-text function to capture the spoken stories, in any language, and in a Chrome browser, the digital books can be instantly translated from and to any language.

One student said “I didn’t realise my parents had a life before me! At first I was annoyed at missing out on all the things they’d done, but hearing their stories made me laugh, so I really enjoyed the whole project.”

Teachers could monitor students’ books in their Google Classroom or the eBookform dashboard, and they had the option to use existing lesson plans and marking rubrics.   

This is the second year Champagnat College has used the eBookform book-creating and publishing software to help scaffold students to interview others, collect content, and improve engagement in literacy lessons. 

The eBookform team does regular online training for teachers and students to use the dashboard for any curriculum-aligned or enrichment writing project.

New Aboriginal Ranger virtual excursions into published books coming March 2022.

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Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together