Micro-credentials - soft skills

Micro-credentials - soft skills

19 October 2020 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

How can young people develop soft skills - and prove it?

Soft skills have been identified as the single most important factor in determining if you’ll live a long happy life, with good relationships & career success. Companies hiring talent list ‘Soft Skills’ as the top requirement, as it reflects an ability to collaborate, articulate & share ideas & knowledge, mitigate conflict, and contribute to a productive & positive work culture.

How do you teach ‘Soft Skills’?

Schools have been achieving amazing results with personalised and differentiated Communication PBL activities, scaffolding students to develop the soft skills of communication, collaboration and Emotional Intelligence.

FamilyBookform is an online dashboard to guide adolescents in positive emotional communication activities, using template pages, question prompts, speech-to-text and collaboration, and their collected content is automatically collated into polished digital books for proof-of-learning. 1 min video.

Students have agency over who they interview and options with how the content is collected and presented. Students can share their content to enrich lessons, so everyone enjoys authentic original content of value, generating an interest in learning.

Finished books are tangible proof of learning and a personal keepsake of value for families and communities. Books can be graded, included in portfolios & higher education applications, gifted and sold for fundraising.

Digital books online for 1 year, 200 contributors, 2 hours speech-to-text, download audio & PDF to print-on-demand.

First Collaborative book project FREE 3 min explainer video

Example projects: 

COVID-19 & Me - Teachers automatically collect students experiences & personal perspectives into a Collaborative Class book or Students create their own collaborative books by collecting content from their family and community. Primary source historical books are valuable for the school, families and whole community. 

Favourite Recipes Book - The global pandemic has seen a resurgence in home cooking. Teachers collect their student’s favorite recipes, cultural stories & photos into a Collaborative Class book or Students create their own personalised Family Recipe books, collaborating with their family. Content enriches class lessons for discussions & collaborative editing and books can be celebrated at presentation ceremonies. 

Grandpa’s Memoir - Teachers collect student’s stories on their ‘Real Life Hero’ or students interview their family or elders in the community to easily create personalised memoirs. Students have agency and use technology-as-a-tool to achieve more than they usually could and books have personal value to motivate an interest in learning.

New research shows personal & emotional Communication PBL improves literacy, engagement & wellbeing.

Migrant Stories - Teachers collect their student’s identity stories for class bonding & celebrating or students interview their families or community migrants to create their own personalized ‘Who am I’, ‘Who are We’ books. Local business sponsor projects and books can be sold for fundraising, because they are personal, original and valuable.

FamilyBookform adheres to all ISTE standards & the SAMR framework for ‘Transformational Learning’. And conforms to all student privacy and data storage requirements. Available in Google Classroom, Chromebooks, any LMS & any device connected to WiFi. Opportunities to showcase projects & case studies globally. NESA accredited 2 hour workshops and free online teacher PD & lesson plans available. 

Communication for positive emotional connection is an effective strategy in not just developing ‘Soft Skills’ and motivating young people to be interested in learning, but it allows students to create tangible proof of their learning and abilities.

More information: https://familybookform.com/


Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together