Kiwanis School Key Clubs

Kiwanis School Key Clubs

14 September 2022 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Document or Disappear!

Kiwanis Key Club students document and showcase their community service projects as published books using Digital Workbook technology.

Kiwanis Clubs and local businesses sponsor the Workbook licenses and students use the online dashboard to journal their work, interview others, and collect primary-source content into printable digital books as proof-of-learning for school credits, portfolios, and to sell for fundraising. 

Kiwanis Key Clubs are in 40 countries and have over 251,000 student members doing community service projects.

2 options:

  • $10 per Class book: students contribute a page/chapter to class books, or

  • $10 per Student's book: students create and collect content into their own books.

Kiwanis, Sponsors, and Schools automatically generate education and engagement data for reporting and marketing content to showcase.

The Workbook technology automatically formats all text and photos into Digital books with; cover, introduction, sections and chapters, to share online, view in any language, grade and include in portfolios as proof-of-learning.

Download branded books as PDF to print on demand, gift or sell for fundraising. Branded books have more longevity and value than social media posts.



Grade 6-8 Students journal or interview family/community to add a chapter to a class book and generate valuable qualitative research, eg; Covid-19 and Me.

Grade 7+ Students interview many different people on any topic to create their own ‘Humans of New York’ style anthology books, eg; Write of Passage.


Grade 6-8 Students journal learning or create a poem/story and art for a class book, eg; Mother’s Day Recipe Book.

Grade 7+ Students document Inquiry Learning or Project Based Learning activities, eg; STEAM Virtual Excursions.

Ask today about your business sponsoring Digital Workbook licenses and donating to Key Clubs or local schools to document learning or Community Service projects:

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together