Google Classroom & Bookform Partner

Google Classroom & Bookform Partner

5 August 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Bookform will become a Google for Education partner and integrate into their Classroom platform and Chromebooks Apps Hub from mid August 2019.

This integration allows teachers to easily assign a Bookform project to a whole class or year group from within their school’s Classroom dashboard and access student’s books for feedback and comments and to grade.

Students will use their Google classroom dashboard and access all Bookform’s functionality to complete experiential learning projects that are automatically documented into printable digital books.

Bookform is compatible with any device connected to WiFi, including Chromebooks, iPads, and smartphones.

3 Main Projects:

The Collaborative Book: A teacher invites their class or a student invites their family to contribute a chapter to their ‘Favourite Recipe Book’. Easily collect stories and photos from many people into a printable digital book. Example Book

The Family Book: Students enjoy experiential learning byinterviewing their family and loved-ones, following the question prompts and using the voice-to-text AI (any language), plus contributions from invited others, to automatically collate oral histories, stories and photos into printable digital books. Example Book

The Community Service: Students go into their communities to help others create their memoir or save their precious cultural heritage into a modern book product, to celebrate and share, now and into the future. Student’s books can be used in portfolios, awards, and higher education applications. TV coverage 2018

Digital content can be shared in the classroom for cross-curricular lessons, collaborative editing and peer-bonding. Not everyone has grandparents or extended family, and story-sharing builds vital relationship connections, empathy and emotional intelligence. 

Pilot projects in Australia, Singapore and the US have had huge success and schools are starting to embed Bookform as a tool for existing curriculum objectives and teachers are presenting their research and case studies at conferences around the world.

In the SAMR Framework for education technology Bookform is positioned as 'Transformational'. Bookform’s technology scaffolds experiential learning and those experiences and learning are captured into digital & tangible products to be enjoyed now and in the future. Most schools already require students to have experiences, especially with their family & community, Bookform automates this process, for teachers to assign, students to complete and families to participate & celebrate the end result.

Bookform also adhere’s to the ‘Universal Design Learning’ Framework for differentiation, so teachers can assign Bookform projects and ensure students have an opportunity for personalisation and growth.

Schools can buy an annual licence at $5-10 per student to use the Bookform software and every book created is branded with their logo and message. Or Community organisations and businesses can sponsor their community's schools to complete projects for education and culture development. For example, aged care sponsor nearby school students to create their resident's memoirs or Libraries, Churches and Minority groups sponsor their community's youth to collect precious oral histories and important cultural information before it is lost forever.

Once a digital file of voice, images and personal information is captured, there will be opportunities in the future to use immersive technologies to engage in conversations with our loved ones, relatives and ancestors, even after they’ve passed on.

Contact us to register interest in using Bookform technology to save your community's precious stories:

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together