Digital Promise publish Bookform's Research

Digital Promise publish Bookform's Research

11 August 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Digital Promise, a congressionally authorised independent Education Research Organisation, has published the Bookform and Athena’s Advanced Academy pilot project research today.

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Digital Promise works at the intersection of education leaders, researchers, and technology developers to improve learning opportunities for all and close the Digital Learning Gap. Because when all learners have equitable access to technology, when everyone participates, and when everyone learns, we all benefit from a more engaged, informed and just society.

Digital Promise created the ‘League of Innovative Schools’ to connect and rally the most forward-thinking leaders of the nation’s school districts.

By working together on shared priorities – and partnering with leading entrepreneurs, researchers, and education leaders – League districts pioneer innovative learning and leadership practices that lead to improved outcomes for students and that help prepare them for learning for life.

Members of the League are selected through a peer-reviewed application process and sign the membership charter upon joining. Superintendents apply to represent their districts and are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Vision and key achievements
  • Potential for impacting student learning and educational leadership
  • Commitment to networking and knowledge sharing

Athena’s Advanced Academy teacher, Dr Monita Leavitt said, “The personalised and differentiated learning opportunities that the Bookform program facilitated were fantastic. Each child could collect as much content from their family or the people they wanted to interview as they liked and we then used this content to add context to particular lessons I was teaching. For example, we discussed interviewing techniques and the difference between open and closed questions.  And the skills around active listening and engaging with people at the right time for them, to ensure best results. I was very pleased with the student’s engagement throughout this project and the parents feedback was very positive too. Athena’s will continue to offer this course to students.” Information here.

Student Kyle (14 yrs old) said “I had a lot of fun during this class making my own family history book.  I used the Bookform application and what I learned in class to put together my genealogy project for 4H, which won a blue ribbon at the county fair!  Dr. Monita had great explanations and Bookform helped me to organize my book and share it with my family.  Bookform allows family members to add their own contributions to the book.  I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot about my family.  I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about their heritage.”

Bookform online experiential learning projects scaffold students to collect oral histories, family stories and ancestry information, using voice-to-text and contributions from invited others. Content is automatically collated into a printable digital book, with front cover, contents, chapters and photos.

Students engage with their family and loved ones to develop communication, identity and technology skills. Student’s content can be used in classroom lessons for critical thinking, collaborative editing and culture development. The finished books can be gifted or sold at presentation ceremonies with families and included in portfolios and College applications.

Bookform has recently partnered with Google and integrated into their Classroom platform to make it easier for teachers to allocate a Bookform project to a whole class or year group, give feedback and to grade for assessment.

Bookform can be used on any device connected to WiFi.

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