Dec 2021 Book Competition Winner

Dec 2021 Book Competition Winner

29 December 2021 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Digital book 1 min video

Virginia’s acceptance video

Virginia, a Grade 10 student at a Science High School in Italy, joined the eBookform online course facilitated by Dr Monita Leavitt in California during Italy’s hard lockdowns in 2021.

The course was in English, but students had the option to write, speak and interview others in their native language directly into their digital books.

The eBookform dashboard replaces blank Word/Docs pages with 

  • template pages & question prompts, 

  • speech-to-text in most languages, 

  • contributions from invited others,

  • content automatically formatted into digital books,

  • audio files & PDF to print,

  • online tutorials and help.

 Students can continue adding content and sharing their digital books for 1 year, with unlimited downloads of audio files & PDF.

Virginia said, “Dr Leavitt’s webinar started while the Covid situation of my country was getting worse and worse. I was in e-learning, so I couldn’t go to school or see my friends. It is generally agreed that this had negative effects on people’s mood and on students’ motivation to study.

Dr Leavitt taught online from California and connected with me and many other teenagers from all over Italy. 

To me, it was really important to attend the webinar, because it helped me to feel less lonely during that period when we were forced to stay at home, and I think that it helped me to feel more relaxed and encouraged to do my best, in everything. 

In addition, I’ve also improved my capability of organization and learned new things, such as how to conduct an interview, and I’ve discovered old family stories. 

We talked in English, so it was an occasion to practice the language too.”

Dr Monita Leavitt said, “I am very happy to learn Virginia is the December recipient of the eBookform Award! She is a most deserving young lady! As her online teacher at Athena’s Advanced Academy, I am very proud of the effort and commitment Virginia has shown in creating her family history book.

I am particularly proud that Virginia reached out to connect with family members about her project during Italy’s Covid lockdown. Living in a time of a pandemic can move us to appreciate love and family even more. Virginia continues to stay motivated as she conducts additional interviews, thus adding even more of her relatives’ stories to her eBookform book. What a meaningful gift Virginia has created for her family members to show how much she loves them!”

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Teachers, schools, or business sponsors buy book-creating licenses and give them to students to create their own collaborative books by interviewing others and collecting content into their personalized books.

The process is educational and students’ content enriches lessons and books can be included in portfolios, gifted or sold.


Business Sponsors: Aged Care bought licenses for their residents’ biographies and students did the interviews: 5 min TV 

Virtual excursions: Students document any learning into books, eg; Aboriginal Rangers. 

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