Bookform at EduTech Syd 2019

Bookform at EduTech Syd 2019

7 June 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Bookform exhibited & presented at EduTech Sydney 6&7 June 2019. This was my pitch:

I’m Carey Furze the founder of Bookform. Bookform’s purpose is to facilitate personal connections through Communication projects at schools.

An immediate problem is Educators need for time efficient, cost effective, curriculum aligned, personalised education resources.

And the long term problems are everyone’s mental health, 21st century skills and connecting communities.

Bookform’s solution addresses all of these issues with Communication projects delivered by schools & paid for by communities.

The 3 main projects are: The Collaborative Book, The Family Book, The Community Service Book.

These projects are not just about creating a valuable end product, but about scaffolding student’s experiential learning and making personal connections with their peers, family and community. Vital for developing identity & self-worth.

The Collaborative Book:

Enables many people to create a book together.

Teachers collect student’s stories for STEAM Projects.

Or, Students collect content from others.

Nikita did her Family’s Favourite Recipes Book. She loved hearing her family’s cultural stories about why that food is special. Students presented their books at school ceremonies, and families bought the books to raise funds for the school.

My Family Book: Example Book

Students collect content from their families using:

Template questions – to guide interviewing their family members

And use Voice-to-text –  to record the spoken stories, any language, and it translates & transcribes directly into their digital book.

Invited others can contribute content & photos into the students book too.

Students share their stories in the classroom for curriculum lessons, collaborative editing and peer bonding.

The Community Service: TV Coverage

Students go into their community to collect important oral histories & information. They love the interaction and are proud to create a tangible product to present.

For example: Arcare Aged Care sponsored Year 9 students to interview a resident & create the resident’s memoir, Students gifted that memoir to the resident & their families at huge Grandparent’s Day celebrations.

This generated national TV for the sponsor & school.

And over 68,000 views online.

Bookform is in 31 countries and Educators will start presenting their case studies & research data on the academic and Social Emotional benefits at education conferences in their countries soon.

Bookform has multiple revenue streams and enables our customers to reach further into the community & monetise the emotional end product.

Sponsors pay for the projects & market to schools for us.

Schools can buy an annual licence & assign the projects to students.

Students are the users of the software & gather content from their family & community, so those families are motivated to buy the end books.

For example, a sponsor pays Bookform & influences their community’s schools to do projects.

They may get 100 schools with 300 students over various grades, and each student collects content from 10 to 20 people.

So 1 sponsor can reach hundreds of thousands of their community’s members every year with a beautiful keepsake communities want to buy.

We’re based in Australia and in the AWS Accelerator.

Are you interested in connecting your community's youth and elders?

Contact us:

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together