Author Club

Author Club

29 November 2022 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Online After School, Vacation, and Gifted Program with tutors.

Students use our book-creating/publishing technology to create Digital and PDF books, on any topic and in any language.

Students join online office hours with eBookform tutors anytime 2-5pm Mon-Thurs in any timezone.

Schools generate referral income, engagement data, and books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted and sold.

Book-creating/publishing technology includes:

  • templates and question prompts,
  • speech-to-text, most languages,
  • contributions from invited others,
  • automatically formatted digital book,
  • instant PDF version to print on demand,
  • save audio files, share in class for enrichment,
  • explainer videos and writing tips,
  • online workshops and IT support.

Collect & input content

  • Students access their personal online book-creating dashboard for up to 1 year.
  • Students join online office hours anytime for personalized instructions on how to use our book-creating/self-publishing technology to create books on any topic.
  • Students work at their own pace and follow template prompts to input text and photos to create their personalized books.
  • School-branded digital and PDF books can be graded and included in portfolios.
  • Digital books are private until shared, and can be viewed online in any language.
  • Download PDF to print on demand, present at celebration ceremonies, gift or sell.

Share & edit content

  • Students interview themselves or others to collect primary-source content.
  • Students type or speak into the template page, most languages, and all content is automatically formatted into their book, with cover, contents, and chapters.
  • Options to invite others to contribute text and photos directly into their book.
  • Students edit and rearrange all content and contributions.
  • Students share their content in online or in-person classes for discussions, editing, and feedback.
  • Students' books add a competitive advantage to their College or job applications

Showcase & celebrate

  • Teachers and parents monitor students' books as they are being created.
  • Option for schools to nominate books for the monthly 'Best Book' competition, for cash and technology prizes.
  • Option for schools to brand all digital and printed books.
  • Option for schools to receive a 20% referral fee for students or discounts for groups of over 100 students.
  • Option to print books for celebration ceremonies and gift or sell for fundraising.
  • Schools engage students and communities in fun, educational activities of value.

Register your students before 16 Deceber 2022 for earlybird offer:

See example books and projects:

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together