Australian virtual excursions into books

Australian virtual excursions into books

1 November 2021 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Monthly Australian virtual excursions showcased as books. 1 min video.

Students watch live Aboriginal Ranger video presentations on wildlife & conservation programs from all around Australia and document learnings into books to showcase, gift, or sell.

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Students interact with Rangers, ask questions, and document their text and photos into collaborative class books. 

Students present their content in class to enrich lessons, they discuss, edit, and critically analyze primary-source content to create published books of value. 

After a school registers interest on the form above an email will be sent with options for the times and topics of the presentations available.

Once a session is selected and confirmed, you pay $50, half is donated to the Ranger group or their local community and half for the FamilyBookform book-creating license to document the students' learning and create a printable digital book to showcase, gift or sell. 

The teacher will receive a video link to log into the webinar live or watch the recording. 

Opportunities for students to interact with Rangers and ask questions during the live webinar session.

The teacher will also receive a link to access the FamilyBookform book-creating dashboard, where you can automatically collect up to 100 students' content into a collaborative class book to showcase students' learning on Australia's Aboriginal & conservation initiatives.

All books are private until shared and published/hosted online for 1 year. Download PDF to print on demand.

Monthly Book Competition. Register interest.
Judging is done by the FamilyBookform team on every book submitted by the 20th of each month.
Prizes will be paid by the 30th of each month in USD in the US or AUD everywhere else: 
$50 Best Collaborative Class Book &
$100 Best Student's Book (students must be under 18 years old).

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