Australia Day STEAM Book - FREE

Australia Day STEAM Book - FREE

10 January 2021 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

Australia Day STEAM Book Project - FREE

Automatically collect student’s content into Collaborative Cultural books for discussion & celebration of what it means to be Australian in 2021.

Digital books online for 1 year, 100 contributors per book, print on demand.

  1. Teachers sign up free to create their Class’ Collaborative book: 3 min explainer video

  2. Automatically collect students ‘My Australia Day’ stories, photos & art.

  3. Students write directly into their template page and it's automatically formatted in the Class digital book.

  4. Students’ content enriches lessons, share online with community, download PDF & print. 

Example 1: Mother’s Day Book - Students contribute a poem & picture of their Mother.

Example 2: My Favourite Food - Students contribute their favourite recipes & cultural stories.


1 hour Class activity - Introduce the FamilyBookform technology
Display example digital books on the smart board or their devices: 

  • Discuss what you want the students to contribute. What’s the Class Book about and for?

  • 200-220 words fit onto a page and 1 photo page gives each student a double-page spread.

  • Invite the students through your book-creating dashboard using the ‘Collaborations’ button.

  • Students click on the automated link sent to their email & sign-up. 

  • Demonstrate how they can write directly into their FamilyBookform template page.

  • Demonstrate how they can choose a picture page from the template and upload photos.

  • Demonstrate how they can log in and out to continue creating their contribution outside of class.

2-4 hours Asynchronous activity - Students create their contribution & photo or art

  • Students sign into their template page as much as they like, on any device, to write their contribution, upload photos or artwork and submit when done.

2-4 hours Class activity - Students present, edit & discuss their contributions

Display the digital Class Book on the smartboard or send the book’s url link to the students via email.

  • Students click on the book’s url link to see the instantly updated book.

  • Students take turns to discuss their contribution and the class gives feedback or collaboratively edit the text.

  • Share online and students present printed books to families at a celebration ceremony at school.

All book content is private until shared. Explainer videos, testimonials & help:  

Collate your stories
  • Q&A templates to guide
  • Voice-to-text instantly into your book
  • Collaborate to build a book together