ACS 17 Game-changers Manifesto

ACS 17 Game-changers Manifesto

8 May 2019 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

The Australian Computer Society ACS released their 2019 Federal Election Manifesto last night, recommending 17 priorities of focus for Australia to be a digital economy powerhouse.

The full report: Download here

ACS President Mr Yohan Ramasundara said, “My recent mainstream media articles may have seemed a little negative, but it is imperative that Australia has a defined strategy for how we are going to navigate this 4th Industrial Revolution successfully”.

ACS CEO Mr Andrew Johnson also commented, “We are excited to present this manifesto to the government and ACS is committed to  executing some of these recommendations too, especially in education”. 

The report highlighted concerns: the digital skills of our workforce, workforce diversity and the process for rapid up-skilling & re-skilling, to ensure Australian industries are placed high on the value chain, education & training reform, and the inefficiency of our cities.

The report’s 17 recommendations were in six sections:

  1. Establish the $100 million Industry 4.0 skills fund
  2. Ignite capital investment in Australian early stage high-growth tech companies
  3. Artificial Intelligence research and commercialization as a national priority
  4. Establishing Australia as a world leader in technology talent
  5. STEAMing ahead through education
  6. Smart cities for a smart country

I attended the event last night and as a member of ACS for many years I was very pleased to see the proactive leadership role the ACS is taking with identifying what needs to be done, but also offering real solutions for how we can all contribute to executing these strategies.

I was especially interested to hear a potential solution to some of the funding that will be required – Australian Superannuation Funds. When will Australian Super Funds really start investing in their member’s futures? Property has always been an appreciating asset class, but it is time to realise that the technology sector is proving far more lucrative and sustainable.

As a startup founder, I am very pleased that my startup, Bookform – online Social Emotional Learning SEL projects where Students interview their family members or people in their community to collect life stories and knowledge into a printable digital book, not just about creating a book of value, but about the process of connecting, communicating and developing identity, is addressing four of these six points.

Startup investment, Austrade recently took me to the US to showcase my technology and meet potential investors, partners and customers. Article.

Artificial Intelligence research & commercialisation, Bookform uses Google’s voice-to-text AI and proving my business model in Australia will generate great research data for voice machine learning, plus a potential commercialisation pathway for global uses.

Tech talent, Bookform is scaffolding use and interaction with new technology for Schools, Teachers, Students, Parents and the wider community. I will start Teacher Professional Development workshops from October this year, sponsored by The Teachers’ Guild NSW. Teachers who did a pilot with Bookform won teaching awards from the Minister of Education last year.

STEAMing ahead through education, K-12 Schools are using Bookform for STEAM projects. Featured on Channel 7 Sunrise twice. 5 min TV coverage

Introduce your community’s schools to Bookform’s curriculum aligned SEL Projects. Bookform

The full report: Download here

The ACS membership is very valuable, I urge anyone in technology to join. Apply now.

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