Aboriginal Ranger STEM virtual excursions

Aboriginal Ranger STEM virtual excursions

6 April 2022 Life Writing Autiobiography Memoir Collaboration

World-first, Aboriginal Rangers presented the first STEM virtual excursion to schools on 16 March and 6 April 2022 and students are documenting their learning into published books.

Almost 1,000 students attended the proof-of-concept excursion on Turtle monitoring, where Rangers from Kimberley, WA and Cape York, QLD delivered curriculum-aligned STEM content on wildlife maintenance, conservation strategies, and data collection for research, analysis, and monitoring.

Yesterday's excursion on Crocodiles had Aboriginal Rangers from Kakadu National Park and DEMED Rangers, NT presenting on how they collect crocodile eggs for conservation and commerce.

There are 150 Aboriginal Rangers groups throughout Australia and monthly excursions will showcase different regions, topics, and primary-source content.

Rangers demonstrate seasonal wildlife monitoring and land maintenance techniques, with a blend of Indigenous ancient knowledge, traditional tools, and modern technology.

Students interact with Rangers from all over Australia and document their text and art into collaborative class books to showcase engagement, learning, and valuable primary-source Australian information.

Virtual excursions enable Aboriginal Rangers to reach a global audience and generate new revenue streams to benefit regional and Indigenous communities. Excursion recordings are available on-demand:

Turtle monitoring 16 March 2022.

Crocodiles - stealing eggs for conservation and commerce 6 April 2022.

The Aboriginal Ranger groups hope to stimulate an interest in STEM amongst Indigenous and minority youth and cultivate pathways for diversity in Science and Conservation careers.

Business sponsors or schools pay $50 per excursion, which includes the interactive live webinar and recording, and a link to access the online workbook to document and showcase their learning.

Teachers use the online workbook technology to automatically collect up to 100 students' content into collaborative class digital books, published online for 1 year and PDF to print on demand.

eBookform collaborates with the Department of Education NSW STEM, DART, and AECG divisions and Virtual Excursions Australia to market these excursions to schools throughout Australia and overseas.

Students are motivated to write well, as books are shared with Rangers, their communities, and on marketing platforms, and can be nominated for the monthly ‘Best Book’ competition for technology and cash prizes: November winner.

eBookform is an Australian start-up, a Google for Education and AWS Partner, and is used by students to document any inquiry learning into published books, more examples:

Biography: Students interview their family or community elders to create personalised biographies as a service, e.g., 5 minute TV video.

Qualitative Research: Teachers or students collect primary-source interviews and content from their community, e.g., Covid 19 and Me.

Contact: Carey Furze, eBookform.com Founder/CEO, office@ebookform.com

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