Grade 7+
Author Club

Online After School, Vacation, and Gifted program

$140AUD per student/year

Students develop 21st Century skills and become published authors.
Fun story sharing with community and personalised tutoring.
Books showcase students' learning, include in portfolio, gift or sell.

Book-creating / publishing dashboard includes:

  • templates to guide PBL pedagogy,
  • topic and question prompts,
  • speech-to-text, most languages,
  • contributions from invited others,
  • automatically formatted & published digital book,
  • save PDF version and print on demand,
  • save audio files, share for enrichment,
  • explainer videos and writing tips,
  • student literacy and engagement data,
  • online tutors and author community, IT support.

Collect & input content

  • Students access their personal online book-creating dashboard for up to 1 year.
  • Students join online tutoring times for personalised instructions on how to use the book-creating/self-publishing technology to create books on any topic.
  • Students work at their own pace and follow template prompts to input text and photos to create their personalised books.
  • School-branded digital and PDF books can be graded and included in portfolios.
  • Digital books are private until shared, and can be viewed online in any language.
  • Download PDF to print on demand, present at celebration ceremonies, gift or sell.
A student writing a book using eBookform

Share & edit content

  • Students journal learning or interview others to collect primary-source content.
  • Students type or speak into the template page, most languages, and all content is automatically formatted into their book, with front cover, contents, and chapters.
  • Options to invite others to contribute text and photos directly into their book.
  • Students edit and rearrange all content and contributions.
  • Students share their content in online classes for fun story sharing, discussions, editing, and feedback.
  • Students' books add a competitive advantage to their College or job applications.

Showcase & celebrate

  • Teachers and parents view students' books as they are being created.
  • Option for schools to nominate books for the monthly 'Best Book' competition, for cash and technology prizes.
  • Option for schools to brand all digital and printed books.
  • Option for schools to receive a 20% referral fee for students or discounts for groups of over 100 students.
  • Option to print books for celebration ceremonies and gift or sell for fundraising.
  • Schools engage students and communities in fun, educational activities of value.

Book examples:

Community service

view 5 min TV
Channel 7

Biographies and oral histories

Students interview family or community elders to create biographies and oral histories as a community service.

Students journal their work or document their community service activities.

Books are proof of work and can be monetized. Generates quantitative and qualitative data on students' academic achievements, digital skills, and community service/engagement.

Qualitative Research

Example book
Book presentation

Primary-source content

Students collect and showcase primary-source inquiry learning or research information into books of value for themselves and their communities.

Students interview local businesses on topics of interest to that community. When many people contribute personal or emotional content to books, it ensures engagement, motivation, and a demand to buy, share and treasure branded books.

Family Recipe Books

Example book

Food, Family, and Migration

Students interview family and friends to collect and showcase favorite recipes and the associated stories of migration, life experiences, and family celebrations.

Branded books have longevity as profile building and community engagement collateral.

Students are motivated by their family and community to finish their book projects and celebrate a job well done.

Monthly Book Competition

Example book
Lenovo winner

Cash and technology prizes

Sponsors donate technology and cash prizes to the monthly 'Best Book' competition.

Sponsors and industry partners share marketing articles on their social media and generate great press for all stakeholders.

Prizes motivate students to engage with learning and develop literacy, digital skills, and pride in their work.

We are a Google for Education and AWS partner and comply with the highest standards of privacy compliance and data security. Online tutoring time tutors have working with children clearance and are teachers trained in the eBookform book-creating self-publishing technology. Schools or parents are invoiced directly or pay online at: All inquires to


Once you register and pay a link to your book-creating dashboard will be sent and tutoring times scheduled.