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The eBookform dashboard empowers students to write, speak, interview & collaborate to collect original content into published books of value for authentic audiences.

  • Imaginative essays
  • Historical records
  • Critical analysis
  • Research reports
  • Creative writing
  • Poems / Haiku

Project Examples

Teacher Experience:
Dr Monita Leavitt, San Jose, USA

How It Works

Getting started video

1. Getting Started

Follow prompts to speak or type stories & upload photos. All content collated into a digital book with front cover, contents & chapters.

how to use the voice to text feature video

2. Using speech-to-text

Speak stories, any language, directly into your book. Save audio files, share digital book online & print-on-demand.

Contributor video

3. Invite Contributors

Invite others to contribute content directly into your book. All content is private and can be edited or deleted.

Case Studies

Online Q&A templates guide and structure your content, with writing tips and memory exercises. With a single ‘click’ all content is collated into a digital book with PDF file.

Voice-to-text technologyeasily save priceless stories with the authentic ‘voice’ and phrases. A total of 2 hours of recording. All audio files stay with your book file and are hosted throughout your subscription. Audio files can be downloaded and saved onto your computer too.

Collaborationallows many people to build a book together. Easily collect stories and photos from loved ones around the world.

Print and Digital bookfor online sharing and PDF file for print. On-demand printing available, books are ideal for gifts, promotions, or school fundraising.

White-labeled link availablebooks are branded with your organisation’s logo & message.

Cloud computingnothing to download. Secure hosting and ongoing IT support.

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